Protein Scientist (Antibody Engineer)

Protein Scientist (Antibody Engineer)

Are you passionate about antibodies? 
 Join the innovative Analytical Support team at Merus, where we’re dedicated to the production and characterization of multispecific antibody formats.  As a Protein Scientist / Antibody Engineer, you will work within project teams, interacting closely with discovery and preclinical scientists.   You’ll play a crucial role in discovering new medicines, working within project teams to create and characterize antibody panels for our groundbreaking assays. This opportunity is for those who are passionate about making a tangible difference in cancer treatments through excellent science and collaborative efforts. 

The Role

As a protein scientist your main task is to ensure that our multispecific antibody candidates meet our stringent developability and manufacturability standards. You will take responsibility for producing and characterizing antibody panels to be tested in our assays, playing a crucial role in the development of advanced therapies.  
Your responsibilities within the project teams include the following: 
  • Design, write and execute experimental studies; 
  • Cloning and production of large antibody panels; 
  • Characterization of antibodies in a range of assays including biophysical, affinity, specificity; 
  • Optimizing antibody sequences for developability and manufacturability; 
  • Delivering quality results in a timely manner; 
  • Propagating skills and knowledge to team members; 
  • Collaboration with external parties. 

Your Profile:

We are seeking a Protein Scientist / Antibody Engineer who is not only technically proficient but also thrives in a collaborative environment. The ideal candidate will possess a quality-driven focus and an ability to efficiently manage multiple projects. Your collaborative spirit will be essential as you work within teams that value scientific excellence and strive to push the boundaries of cancer treatment. You will play a key role in a setting that emphasizes both innovation and the real-world impact of your work, aiming to make significant advancements in the field of cancer therapy. 
Knowledge and expertise:  
  • PhD degree in molecular biology or protein chemistry with a minimum of 2 years relevant post-doctoral or industrial experience in protein production and characterization;  
  • Broad experience in protein chemistry, preferably including antibodies; 
  • Demonstrated excellence in the eukaryotic expression, purification (FPLC systems) and analysis of recombinant proteins;  
  • Strong knowledge and technical expertise in protein/antibody characterization including ELISA, FACS, SPR, DSF, SLS/DLS, HPLC (HIC, SEC, Ion Exchange), Mass Spectrometry;   
  • Experience with protein sequence/structure analysis using computational and homology modelling tools such as BioVia Discovery Studio, Pymol, or Schrödinger is preferred; 
As this is a laboratory based position- preference will be given to candidates living in the Netherlands- at a commutable distance to Utrecht Science Park.


We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest in the biotech industry. As part of Merus, you’ll experience a steep learning curve from your very first day in the job. And you’ll get to interact with a great international team of people who love what they do! To top it all, we offer a competitive salary, flexible working hours, an excellent pension scheme, a company bonus and 30 days’ annual leave (based on a full-time position). Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to help us close in on cancer – everything you do matters at Merus.

Apply now

    Our Hiring Process

    Stage 1:

    Internal Review

    This means that we’ve received your application and are in the process of reviewing it.

    Stage 2:

    Initial Call

    We’ll set up a 15-minute phone call with our Internal Recruiter to discuss the details of this job opportunity and your own expectations of the role, as well as Merus as a company.

    Stage 3:

    1st Interview Phase

    During the 1st interview phase, we’ll set up an interview with your potential future manager. We’ll be looking to understand more about your experience, how that fits the role, and what makes you tick.

    Stage 4:

    2nd Interview Phase

    If things are still looking good, we’ll set up several short interviews with team members, peers, Management Team members (where relevant) and HR to make sure we are a good cultural fit. We do our best to plan these interviews on the same day, although on rare occasions they’ll take place on multiple days.

    Stage 5:

    Job Offer

    After positive evaluation from both sides, you will receive our job offer. Once you’ve accepted it, we will draw up the necessary paperwork. You will receive your contract within 3-5 working days and your onboarding process will start!

    Stage 6:


    We’re more than happy to welcome you to join Merus in our pursuit to close in on cancer!

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